Help us get Eva and the KillaJoule to Australia!


In March 2019, Eva and KillaJoule will be chasing a new world record at the salt flats at Lake Gairdner, South Australia.

Racing in Australia is a huge undertaking, and we could really use your help. We love our fans, and we would love to race with YOUR name on the KillaJoule.

A record attempt in Australia will cost over $20,000 in direct expenses, but every little bit of support will go a long way!

We understand that different people have different ability to support a mission like this and that names on racing vehicles are typically reserved for large sponsors, but for this particular race, we will put your name on the KillaJoule for any contribution of $20 or more. (But to make sure your name makes it on to the KillaJoule, we need the contribution by February 25, 2019. If it comes in later, it will go towards Green Envy instead :-).

Don't miss this chance to have YOUR name on the KillaJoule and Green Envy streamliner when we make a world record attempts at the salt flats in Australia!

Thanks for your support! Flat out into the future! :-D

If you want another name than yours on the KillaJoule, please leave a note in the "Notes and Instructions" box that will appear before your click "Continue to Paypal".

If you want to remain anonymous, you have to let us know. Everybody that contributes will get their name on the KillaJoule and on the website.

Having trouble with the order? See the FAQ page for an alternative solution, please! Or contact me directly through email or facebook.